Spa Treatments: Pain Management Therapy


According to Dr. Carmen R. Green, a pain medicine physician and professor at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, chronic pain inflicts more than 100 million Americans—and disproportionately impacts women and minorities. “Pain is a silent epidemic that affects the entire person, including physical, social and emotional well-being,” Green says, adding that it is medically associated with depression, anxiety and sleep disturbances.

But Green believes that day spas are in a prime position to break the cycles of discomfort that pain can initiate, and establish sounder body/mind connections. She notes that, at a basic level, even soothing spa music can distract clients and diminish their pain. “Taking care of the physical and spiritual body is crucial to pain management,” she explains. “Services such as massage are complementary to modern medicine, and patients no longer view them as alternative; they’re now part of the mainstream, so day spas have a great place in this conversation.”

DAYSPA recently checked out six North American spas that have already joined the conversation, and are helping clients lead more balanced, relaxed and pain-free lives through innovative service offerings. —By Tracy Morin

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