SPA TREATMENTS: Catering to Male Athletes


Professional male athletes are, by necessity, keenly tuned in to their bodies, but they’re also prone to injury, soreness and pain—which, through a variety of athlete-targeted services, a spa can help alleviate. “Common complaints for athletes include IT band syndrome, lower back pain, plantar fasciitis, and foot and ankle pain,” notes David Abookire, a sports and injury specialist, and director and owner of Boulder Therapeutics in Boulder, Colorado. “Treatments such as sports massage, which emphasizes the lower back, legs and glutes, can be part of a good maintenance routine.”

When treating athletes, Abookire calls on techniques such as myofascial release, and neuromuscular massage, works on posture and anomalies in the movement path, and addresses imbalance of muscles/range of motion. To attract and retain these clients, he recommends offering treatment packages and aligning with sports centers, physical therapy clinics, yoga studios and chiropractors. “Men aren’t used to getting care—they might seek help reluctantly, and only when something’s wrong,” says Abookire. “But with athletes and their frequent injuries, there’s a real need—and these clients won’t just visit you once a year; they’ll visit 10 times.”

Indeed, spas across the country are tapping into this lucrative and loyal market. Here, DAYSPA presents five diverse services (one which might surprise you!) that have hit a sweet spot in many an athletic male clientele. —Tracy Morin