SPA REVIEWS: New Jersey's Copper River Salon & Spa

Copper River Salon & Spa

It’s common practice for clients to leave a spa toting bags of beauty products, but at Copper River, clients tend to bring bags of products with them—for recycling.

Since its inception in September 2011, Princeton, New Jersey’s Copper River Salon & Spa has been a recycling superstar. In fact, it was founded as an eco-friendly labor of love—and with a conscientious mindset that has been a driving force for owner Barbara Weigand throughout her 20-year career as an ace hairstylist, and now, spa proprietor.

This avid environmentalist and married mother of two had long implemented eco-friendly practices at home and, over the years, grew frustrated by how the beauty industry wasted water and electricity, and discarded chemicals and plastics. “I recycle and compost at home, so why wouldn’t I try to find ways to do that at work?” she reasons. “I eventually realized the only way to really implement these ideas would be to open my own business. Copper River is really my vision, come to life.” Here are some ways Weigand has used her business to implement her ideals—and make them part of Princeton’s local color. —Shari Goldhagen