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New Deals & Fresh Faces

Suzanne Dawson

Aveda Corp. has appointed 10-year veteran Suzanne Dawson to the position of vice president of global innovation. Dawson will work with team members from numerous company departments to help the brand continue to evolve

New Deals & Fresh Faces

Jessica Quick

CND has brought on Jessica Quick to serve as marketing manager for the company’s Spa and Scentsations categories.

New Deals & Fresh Faces

Alicia Alaniz

Alicia Alaniz is the newly appointed master trainer at Novalash. Alaniz has 10 years of esthetics and cosmetics sales experience, which she will bring to bear in educating and preparing lash extension trainers across the country.

The Knead to Protect

The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) has stepped up its efforts to track down fraudulent and illegitimate massage schools through its recently formed School Compliance Department—and the result may help put a dent in the nation’s human trafficking problem.

The nonprofit organization’s national School Compliance Program was created after staffers “began to spot the emergence of false and misleading information from schools applying for our assigned school code,” says NCBTMB CEO Paul Lindamood. The evidence became apparent in documents such as transcripts and attendance records that appeared abnormal or inconsistent, and certificates and diplomas that appeared to be falsified.

Investigation into offending schools has enabled NCBTMB to report information to regulatory boards and law enforcement, expose fraudulent and illegitimate activities on the web and impose sanctions prohibiting these schools’ graduates from sitting for the National Certification Exams. Because some research points to the presence of human trafficking activity in the massage industry, the organization was compelled to work with Polaris Project, a group dedicated to combating human trafficking. Together they’ve created “Human Trafficking: What You Need to Know,” a brochure designed to spread the word through wide distribution.

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Industry Intel

Christina Zehavi

To celebrate the newly formed professional skincare company Christina-USA, treatment innovator Christina Zehavi recently traveled from Israel to Sarasota, Florida, to provide a three-day, hands-on training of her seven-stage treatment protocol. Under the leadership of Joe Contorno, veteran cosmetics leader and president/CEO of Christina-USA, the new company’s mission is to align Zehavi’s 28 years of esthetics expertise to the unique needs of the American spa professional and client.

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One On One with Leticia Giron, CEO of Belleza & Beauty

One On One with Leticia Giron, CEO of Belleza & Beauty

Leticia Giron is full of surprises. From her gutsy move from El Salvador to the U.S., to her transition from a 15-year career in finance to a role as a beauty equipment manufacturer, this industry maven always has something new and exciting up her sleeve.

Giron's utterly unpredictable career path began in El Salvador, where he lived until her early 30s. "We left in 1989," recalls Giron. "The political situation was very scary at the time. It seemed like there was an opportunity for a bigger and better future here."

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Lean on Me: A Look at Acro Yoga

Lean on Me: A Look at Acro Yoga

For many couples, finding fun ways of keeping fit together can be a challenge. Thankfully, there's no shortage of interesting new ideas cropping up. Take acro yoga*, which, as the name implies, combines acrobatics with yoga.

Holistic health expert Koya Webb runs acro yoga workshops and wellness retreats all over the world. Her two-hour sessions, which involve abut 10 participants of all levels, begin with gentle vinyasa flow breathing exercises and stretches. Webb then demonstrates key yoga poses - such as Flying Dhanurasana and the Super Yogi - with a partner. Participants subsequently form groups of three - a "base," a "flyer" and a "spotter," for safety - and practice the moves themselves. A cool-down allows everyone to regroup and share their experiences.

As well as improving strength and stamina, acro yoga is great for building confidence, because as the base, the flyer or the spotter, participants have to totally commit to - and, in turn, rely on - the other members of their group, whether it's a total stranger or their spouse.

"Acro yoga is fantastic for couples because it helps build trust and improve communication," says Webb. "Learning to play together in this way can ease tension that has built up from the daily grind, while the massage melts away tense muscles."

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*Note: AcroYoga is a trademarked practice established in California in 2003; for more information, visit

[Read the original article in the January 2014 Digital Edition of DAYSPA. Image: Abram Cox]

Shock Tactics: Embrace the New Year with a Renewing Body Scrub

Shock Tactics: Embrace the New Year with a Renewing Body Scrub

Not for the faint of heart, Korean day spas are renowned for their take-no-prisoners body scrubs. At Beverly Hot Springs (, Los Angeles' only 100% natural hot springs spa, the signature body scrub (30 min./$60) is a classic example of this rigorous treatment. In it, the therapist uses seaweed soap and loofah gloves to remove dead skin cells and impurities, revealing a new layer of skin that's ripe for soaking up post-treatment products.

"Our clients love the Body Scrub because it's so exfoliating," offers operational manager Trish Pham. "It stimulates blood and lymph flows, which helps improve skin tone and tighten the skin. January is the perfect time for everyone to embrace a new beginning with a cleansed mind and body. A body scrub is a small but significant start to get the momentum going, and get the skin glowing too. I've had the treatment myself many times - it's the best way for me to thank my body for working so hard to keep me healthy during the previous 12 months!"

This article appeared in the January edition of Dayspa's Digital Edition.

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