Save the Date: The Face & Body Show is Coming to Chicago

Image courtesy of Y Communications & Consulting

The annual event for spa and wellness professionals will offer an array of advanced education, innovative products and networking opportunities.

Face & Body Midwest, the annual conference and expo for spa and wellness professionals, is coming to Chicago March 12-13, 2016. Known for its advanced education opportunities and innovative product launches, the Face & Body show brings together spa professionals for a weekend of learning and networking.

This year's exciting two-day event kicks off with the Advanced Education Conference Program, beginning with the opening session, Lotions and Potions — Deciphering Formulation and Chemistry. From 9:00-10:15AM on Saturday, March 12th, attendees can join a panel of chemists as they discuss what goes into making a skin care product and answer questions on ingredients and formulation technologies. Guests will learn what ingredients are necessary and what ingredients may have gotten a bad rap, as well as how to read a product label and what's new on the horizon of ingredient technologies. Designed to better prepare skin and spa professionals for making educated choices when it comes to selecting products for treatments and to recommend to clients, the session will be led by panelists Gina Cosby, Formulating Chemist, Market Development Manager, Glenn Corp.; Kelly Dobos, Formulating Chemist, Technical Manager, Sun Chemical; Tom Lehman, Formulating Chemist, VP, Mansfield-King, LLC; and Perry Romanowski, Formulating Chemist, Consultant, Brains Publishing.

Other sessions within the Advanced Education Conference Program include Susanne Schmaling's Owning the #Multimasking Trend, which will refresh spa professionals of why multitasking works and how to create a signature multimask treatment, all while minding a clean and safe environment; Alexis Ufland's Building a Powerhouse Brand, which will focus on creating a strong, signature voice in order to stand out within the industry; Ann Brown's Himalayan Salt Detox Body Wrap, a guide to maximizing the wellness benefits of Himalayan Salt; and Rebecca Gadberry's GMOs and GMMs: Should You Be Wary or Welcoming? - a course that weighs the possible risks and benefits of these technologies in cosmetics; among many others. See the full list of Advanced Education presentations, here.

In addition to the Advanced Education sessions, Face & Body Midwest will offer an array of Supplier Classes on Sunday, March 13th. These courses are included in every registration package at no additional charge and are seated on a first come, first serve basis with no registration necessary. Attendees will learn about everything from anti-acne, to anti-aging treatments, LED light therapy, waxing techniques, the science of beauty, and so much more. See the full list of Supplier Class presentations, here.

Where: McCormick Place West, Skyline Ballroom - 2301 S Indiana Avenue, Chicago, IL 60616
When: Saturday, March 12 - Sunday, March 13, 2016
This event is co-located with America's Beauty Show, the premiere show for salon professionals in the Midwest.

Spa and wellness professionals can register for Face & Body Midwest, as well as see a full schedule of events, at