Pevonia Announces New Social Media Channels Dedicated for Skincare Professionals

Pevonia has unveiled three new social media channels—PevoniaPro Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In the wake of the successful, Summer 2012 launch of, spa pros' go-to resource for all of Pevonia’s professional services and products, Pevonia has announced three new social media channels—PevoniaPro Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

These channels offer updates on the newest Pevonia spa treatments and products, as well as trade PR announcements, giveaways, industry news and behind-the-scenes imagery from Pevonia’s professional educational classes held around the world.

While the skincare leader has been active on a variety of social media sites over the years, their preexisting channels primarily targeted the consumer market. As the first company to develop the first-ever skincare line available exclusively to elite spas and professionals, Pevonia has decided to similarly target its social media efforts. These new channels are also expected to drive traffic to

Posts are available daily and industry professionals, students, and estheticians are invited to follow these pages and share content with colleagues in the industry.

[Image courtesy of Pevonia]


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