Los Angeles Spa Invites Guests To A Galaxy Far, Far Away with Star Wars-Themed Treatments

Larchmont Sanctuary Spa will offer an array of Star Wars-infused treatments through the month of December.

Self-described "Star Wars nerd" and owner of Larchmont Sanctuary Spa in Los Angeles, CA, Tina Figueroa, is celebrating the December release of the latest film in the Star Wars franchise, Star Wars: The Force Awakens with spa treatments infused with the Force.

Available for booking through the end of December, the treatment packages, designed by the spa’s owner, celebrate the characters and locations featured throughout the blockbuster movie series. Ideal for the Jedi or the warp-lagged who need a special power boost, the treatment packages feature ingredients and products such as "healing mud from Alderaan, salt from Tatooine, a Restorative Waters Bath from Dagobah, the finest Kashyyykian Beer".

Other Star Wars-themed treatments include:
“The Lightsaber Lifesaver Detox Retreat” Illuminating Detox Treatment (90 min) + Alkalizing Foot Detox (30 min) $199 - Remove atmospheric debris with a stimulating, full body salt scrub from Tatooine. Relax under a thermal blanket as remnants of impurities are absorbed by Alderaan healing mud, rich in nutrients and minerals for your skin. End with a Swedish massage application of a Shea Butter and algae cream to replenish moisture and restore balance. The foot hydrotherapy foot bath featured in the package is most known for reducing acidic conditions in the body.
“The Forest Moon Retreat” Couples Stress Away Warm Stone Massage (60 min) + Champagne Bath for Two (20 min) $279 - If your personal starship is suffering from burnout, enjoy the healing energy of a warming massage to soothe away stress. This treatment combines hot stones to massage the body, a scalp massage to relieve tension, and the healing powers of Aromatherapy to promote deep relaxation. Sip champagne and reconnect while enjoying a warm healing bath together. Saving the Universe will have to wait.
“The Yoda Retreat” Force Awakening Massage (60 min) + Superfruit Vitamin C Facial (60 min) $223 - You’ll be broggled by this massage combining light, medium and deep pressure strokes to eliminate stress and tension. Revitalize, balance and harmonize mental, physical and pranic energies. Stimulate new collagen production, brighten and create a lasting luminous glow with this medical strength Vitamin C treatment. Eliminate oxidative stress, environmental stress, and free radicals from the skin - great for hyperpigmentation, dull and photo-damaged skin, making it feel as smooth as the surface of a neutron star.
“The Skywalker Retreat” Dock and Repair Massage (60 min) + Dagobah Healing Waters Bath, with the finest Kashyyykian Beer (aka Hot Bath, Cold Beer) (20 min) $167 - This massage therapy was designed for the Jedi, who is just plain overworked, worn out and longing for home. It's ideal for working out knots and tightness with moderate to deep pressure that still encourages you to fall asleep on the table. Saving the Universe can create tension in the head, neck, feet and internal organs, so this therapy includes a warm oil scalp massage and foot reflexology.

“In today’s busy world, we all want to escape,” says Figueroa. “Even if you can’t travel to a land far, far away, a brief spa retreat can make all the difference in a coping with the stresses of everyday life.”

Larchmont Sanctuary Spa is located in one of L.A.’s most historic neighborhoods and formerly known as Le Petite Retreat. Located at 331 N. Larchmont Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90004, the spa is closed on Tuesdays; open until 9 pm Wednesdays through Fridays, and 7 pm the rest of the week. Book online at www.larchmontsanctuary.com or call 323.466.1028.