Live Love Spa Announces New Online Job Board and Community

Live Love Spa Announces New Online Job Board and Community

Live Love Spa recently announced the launch of two new online initiatives: a Job Board and an online Community for spa professionals. The new online resources complement Live Love Spa's extremely popular live regional events for the spa industry. According to Lisa Michaelis, CEO of Live Love Spa, the "regional events have engaged thousands of spa professionals across the U.S. The Live Love Spa Job Board and Community will encourage event attendees to continue to grow their careers and foster industry dialogue with their peers long after the event is over."

The Live Love Spa Community is designed to foster, promote and share the wealth of professional knowledge in spa and wellness on a common
platform. Sophisticated tools like video hosting and screencasts help members easily create and share posts. Many of the Community and Job Board resources are offered free of charge, including the job search feature, current posts and research of the knowledge archives. As Michaelis states, the "Community aspires to call out to the spa and wellness professionals to share their passion and expertise, ask and answer questions and share resources in a revolutionary new way."

For $49 a year, PRO Members gain exclusive access to an extensive network of spa professionals, as well as the following member-exclusive benefits:

. Ability to author content on's Community, and showcase one's expertise through blog posts, images, video and screencasts

. Personal profile catalogues past articles, presentations, video, activity and followers

. Ability to ask/answer any questions in Community, and be an active contributor as well as mentor new spa professionals

. Pro-Only Events and Networking Opportunities (in select areas currently within US)

. VIP status for Live Love Spa Industry events (specific event attendee credentials must be met/currently in select areas within US).

. Special Offers & Discounts from Spa & Brand partners with PRO only access portal, coming soon

The platform is also ideal for spa product and service providers interested in solidifying their position as an industry thought leader. Molly Southern, Marketing Manager at SpaBooker Software elaborates, stating that, "SpaBooker is committed to pushing the industry forward with innovative ideas, and was fast to act on a partnership with Live Love Spa when we heard about their new initiatives. The interactive web community and job board give members of the spa industry a form to express their voices while bringing them closer together." She went on to add that "Sites like YouTube have showed us that using video to share ideas is a very effective way of communicating, and there is no reason the spa industry should not be interacting in this way. We are very excited to partner with Live Love Spa during their launch and to not only learn from the exchange of information between industry enthusiasts but be a part of the conversations."

Looking for the next great job? Looking for the perfect employee? Look no further than the Live Love Spa Job Board. "We aspire to have the most comprehensive job board with robust features and will continue to add more jobs each day," says Michaelis. "The Job Board is created by spa professionals for spa professionals. Our advanced search feature allows the user to filter by city, state, country, career level, annual salary, keywords and more! If job seekers/company positions are still employed, they can even create an anonymous version of their resume."

For more information, please visit, or check out the Job Board and online Community

[Image courtesy of Live Love Spa]