Jurlique Alerts the Media

Beauty editors and bloggers survey Jurlique products, and the botanicals contained therein, at an NYC media event.

The Jurlique U.S. management team hosted a media event at a gallery space in New York City in April to announce the launch of the new and evolved Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum. An update of the cult-favorite formula first introduced 20 years ago, the new serum will be available for retail in spas beginning in August.

Jurlique, known for its natural and organic heritage, creates products from the potent natural ingredients grown and harvested on their certified biodynamic farm in South Australia. The new formula contains 18 different botanical and natural ingredients to protect and revitalize the skin.

The beauty editors and bloggers who attended the event were greeted by a huge table covered with flowers, plants and Jurlique products, and the gallery walls showed a rotating slide show of amazing plant and flower montages from the company’s Australian farm. The evening featured presentations by the management team, fruity and healthy cocktails and mocktails, spring hors d’oeuvres, and a mixing bar at which attendees could select a fragrance and customize their own body oil. The packed room attested to the continued enthusiasm for natural and botanical-based products and services for the spa industry. —Lisa Starr