Green Spa Network Announces 2015 Spa Sustainability Award Winners

Photo credit: Robert Parish

The 2015 winners were awarded for showing outstanding sustainability in six different categories, including healthy spa cuisine, innovative green products, and dedicated spa and supply brands.

The Green Spa Network (GSN) recently announced the winners of its 2015 Spa Sustainability Awards, presented at GSN's Annual Congress in Yosemite, CA. The winners, including Miraval Resort and Spa, Living Earth Crafts, Two Bunch Palms and Spa Blue at Del Mar, were judged on various criteria, including: achieving the highest level of sustainability compared to their peers; continuous improvement; setting an example of best practice for the industry to follow; making sustainable practices inviting and desirable to consumers and employees. The Judging Panel included: Julie Keller Callaghan, Editor-in-Chief American Spa Magazine; Mary Bemis, Editorial Director, Insider’s Guide to Spas; Debrianna Berlin, Kiss The Sky; Shelley Lotz, Vios Spa Group.

“It's rewarding to see so many businesses striving for sustainability because of their values and conscious leadership," said Founder of Vios Spa Group, Shelley Lotz. “The Green Spa Network Awards program is important in recognizing the tireless efforts of those who work hard day after day in making the spa industry even more sustainable. It is truly a labor of love and the nominees are always inspiring and impressive!”

The 2015 Winners:

  • Healthy Spa Cuisine Award- Miraval Resort and Spa
  • Corporate Brand Committed to Sustainability- Two Bunch Palms
  • Green Supplier / Manufacturer of the Year – Living Earth Crafts
  • Innovative Green Product of Year- Pedicure Bowls by Victoria’s Essentials Australia
  • Green Skin Care Company of the Year- Szép Elet
  • Sustainable Spa of the Year- Spa Blue at Del Mar
  • Green Spa Network Visionary Award- Robert Zimmer, Zimmer Associates

Tara Grodjesk Dedicated Contributor Award Recipients

  • Rona Berg - Organic Spa Magazine
  • Tessa Kienow – Ready Care Industries
  • Lisa Sykes – Universal Companies
  • Shelley Lotz – Vios Spa Group

“It is our privilege and honor as a non-profit voice for sustainability to recognize the work of these dedicated companies whose examples have raised the green standard for the spa industry around the planet," said Executive Director of the Green Spa Network Paul Schmidt.

In addition to these industry awards, the GSN Board of Directors recognized Robert Zimmer of Zimmer Associates as this year’s Visionary Award recipient and further acknowledged outstanding contributions from the organization’s volunteer roster with a new award. Named in honor of one of GSN’s Founders, the inaugural Tara Grodjesk Dedicated Contributor Award recipients are Rona Berg, Organic Spa Magazine; Tessa Kienow, Ready Care Industries; Lisa Sykes, Universal Companies; Shelley Lotz, Vios Spa Group.

“It is an incredible honor to be recognized by an organization I've grown so passionate about over the last 8 years," said Lisa Sykes, Regulatory Affairs and Sustainability Manager for Universal Companies and Co-Chair of the GSN Personal Care Committee. "If your passions are spreading the mission of wellness and preserving the environment, volunteering for Green Spa Network will be one of the most exhilarating, rewarding opportunities you’ll ever experience.”

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