Get An Edge on Acne Treatment

Image courtesy of Dermalogica

The International Dermal Institute announces "Skin Series: Acne" for skin care professionals.

The International Dermal Institute (IDI) recently announced a new class, “Skin Series: Acne”, to educate professional skin therapists about the most recent discoveries in the pathogenesis of acne along with the role of inflammation, sebum and bacteria.

Acne, a distressing and emotional skin disorder, is the most common skin condition in the U.S., affecting up to 60 million Americans each year. With as many acne treatments, products or advice clients may come across, they want facts - and more importantly, results. In this half-day workshop, skin therapists will deconstruct the acne follicle and revisit the pivotal factors involved in the acne process. Therapists will also learn about medical treatment options and how non-invasive techniques and alternative therapies such as probiotics and how topical and oral medications are becoming more favorable in treating acne-prone skin.

The class will go through all four factors involved with acne pathogenesis in extensive detail at a cellular and biological level. Skin therapists will leave the workshop feeling confident and knowledgeable to help achieve better results for their clients.

“Skin Series: Acne” is now offered at IDI locations for $55.00. Professional skin therapists may register by visiting