SPA WELLNESS: The Power of Good Intentions

New studies indicate positive thinking can relieve pain.


Spa Trends: Seaweed Soaking

Soakaholics flock to Southern California's new Seaweed Sok Spa for traditional Irish seaweed baths.


Only the Lonely

Can regular meditation result in a decrease in loneliness in seniors?


Olfactory Healing

New research suggests frankincense may carry anti-inflammatory properties.


Spa BUSINESS: Wisdom of the Ages

With training and accommodation, day spas can win over some of today’s most appreciative and loyal clients: seniors.


Spa WELLNESS: The Dragontree

The Dragontree in Portland, Oregon, has wrapped its inclusive arms around a grateful public.



Think that skin and beauty spas have the market covered when it comes to beautiful retail departments? Think again. The retail areas at Spa Habitat, with locations in Texas and Oklahoma, attract wellness-aware clients daily.


arm deltoid massage

Spa MANAGEMENT: Boost Your Massage Therapists' Productivity

Here are 7 simple steps to ensure healthier, more productive massage therapists at your day spa.


Spa TREATMENTS: Healing Skin After Cancer Therapy

The latest ways to address the skin-related effects of aggressive treatments


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