Waste Not, Want Not

Check out four facilities that have mastered the art of composting–to great greening <em>and</em> beautifying effect!


Aspira Spa therapsit gathering cedar

Local Heroes

Meet four creative spa professionals who’ve lowered their carbon—and budget—costs with locally sourced ingredients.


Extreme Spa Makeover Slideshow!

See how one Southwest facility boosted its profile <em>and</em> value with an eco-makeover.


Go, Go Gadgets

Protect the planet — and give your spa equipment new life — through e-waste recycling.


Water Wisdom

These spas are saving the planet and their pocketbooks at the same time.


Cotton Converts

Is it time to give your linen closet a do-over? Our experts weigh in on eco-friendly fabrics.


The Fourth “R”: Recruitment

Protect your commitment to recycle, reduce and reuse by eco-proofing your hiring process.


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