The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles Introduces The New DNA Facial by Dr. Moy

The new treatment is designed to repair and renew the skin.
The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles

Although I live in Los Angeles, I don’t get invited to many (read: any) awards ceremonies. So, sometimes I have to console myself by pretending I’m a celebrity and heading over to The Spa at Four Seasons Los Angeles to be preened and pampered, red carpet-style. After all, a girl’s gotta look amazing even to watch the events from the comfort of her couch, right?

I stopped by the spa during lunchtime on a recent Monday lunchtime to try out the newly launched 60-minute DNA Facial ($275), which showcases the skincare line created by famed facial plastic surgeon Dr. Ronald Moy. A skin cancer specialist, Dr. Moy runs a thriving dermatology and cosmetic surgery practice mere blocks away from the star-studded hideaway.

After enjoying a vegan lunch at the open-air café by the sparkling pool area, I ducked into the cool, inviting spa. No sooner had I reclined on a plush La-Z-Boy than my therapist, Cathy, arrived to usher me in to a serene, dimly lit treatment room.

After reading my intake form, the experienced therapist got down to business. Because I’d gone hiking the day before, my pores were clogged and my dermis dusty; after performing a thorough cleansing, Cathy was only too happy to spend extra time steaming my face, then extracting blackheads.

Designed to “repair the skin at a deeper level”, the new facial showcases Dr. Moy’s signature DNA EGFRenewal skincare line, which contains two key ingredients: non-GMO plankton and organic barley, which help reduce DNA damage, stimulate cell renewal and boost collagen production. The brand's Regeneration Serum boosts cell turnover and growth, reduces the appearance of fine lines and leaves skin tighter; the DNA Intensive Renewal plumps and hydrates, replenishes enzymes and attacks UV-induced damage to diminish age spots. (Dr. Moy’s motto is, after all, “Repair the past, protect the future”.)

The protocol also employs Dr. Moy’s OxyGeneo+ Machine, which performs three skin-rejuvenating actions: gentle skin exfoliation, infusion of essential revitalizing nutrients using an ultrasound handpiece that pushes the product into the skin, and natural skin oxygenation. My sometimes-sensitive skin is prone to redness, but Cathy tailored the service to my needs, and frequently checked in with me to make sure I didn’t feel uncomfortable. Far from it—I was in heaven! And, it being 85 degrees outside (thanks, unpredictable L.A. weather!) she made sure to finish with a slick of sunscreen.

My skin was left refreshed and dewy. However, the ultimate test—seeing if your coworkers notice a difference—was yet to come. “Your skin looks amazing,” announced the first colleague I ran into the next morning. “Did you get something done?”

For more information or to book an appointment, call (310) 786-2229.

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