Tweezerman Goes Solar

Tweezerman takes environmentally positive steps towards global sustainability as part of their Second Bottom Line initiative, with the move towards solar power only brightening this aspect.
Image courtesy of Tweezerman

Tweezerman will be producing an estimated sixty percent of the power it uses annually from the sun and will source clean, renewable energy and reduce energy costs.

Tweezerman has made this commitment to clean, renewable energy, pledging to its neighbors on Long Island that a business can absolutely have a positive impact on its community by reducing its local carbon footprint

Learn about Tweezerman's new system:

· Solar powered electricity-generating system is comprised of 954 solar panels and twelve tranformerless string inverters
· The reduction of carbon may be similar to an estimated average of up to 825,000 auto miles not driven, 968 barrels of oil conserved, 9,205 trees grown and 791,000 pounds of C02 emissions avoided