Taste: A Fresh Spin

A green smoothie to get your juices flowing.
Image courtesy of Green Blender

Typically more filling than juices and less calorific than milkshakes, the smoothie has rightly earned its reputation as a bona fide healthful breakfast or snack. And, just as this culinary trend has caught the attention of time-crunched professionals, so has another: meal delivery services.

Aiming to connect the two growing sectors is Green Blender, whose smoothie subscription plans are currently offered in 10 Northeastern states, as well as Southern California (more areas will be added this year). Each week, members receive five new smoothie recipes, plus all the pre-portioned ingredients required to make 10 12-oz. smoothie servings. Also in the box: “boosters” such as turmeric, pea protein and lacuma powder. Ingredients are organic, sourced from local farmers and green markets, and seasonal whenever possible.

Even if you fall outside the company’s delivery zones, you can still benefit by browsing its website, a gold mine of nutritional nuggets, tips and tricks, plus dozens of recipes, among them seasonally inspired specials. Whether you’re a spa owner searching for innovative beverages to serve your guests or just a curious smoothie newbie, you’ll be inspired by combinations selected by founders Amir Cohen and Jenna Tanenbaum for their “unique ingredients, whose flavor and nutritional profiles might surprise you (in a good way).”

Case in point is Green Blender’s It Is Easy Being Green Smoothie, which showcases snow peas, a legume that’s rich in vitamins K and B6, both crucial to bone strength, and immune-boosting vitamin C. The libation also contains pineapple and lemon, believed to aid digestion and detoxification, and flaxseed, which is high in fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Bonus: The colorful concoction checks in at just 80 calories per serving.

“I love using ingredients that are familiar, yet uncommon in smoothies,” says Tanenbaum. “Snow peas don’t disappoint here: their refreshing flavor goes nicely with the sweet pineapple and tart lemon. In fact, this smoothie is so light and uplifting, your guests will practically float home after drinking it!”

Get the It Is Easy Being Green Smoothie recipe in our April digital edition!