Sticky Situation: Mole Alert

What's your course of action when you spot an unusual lump or mole on a client?

The Situation: "It happens often in skin care and massage where the therapist notices a lump or a mole that doesn't look quite right and, as a professional, you need to bring it to the client's attention without alarming them," says Christie Lavigne, skin care director at Oasis Day Spas in New York City and Westchester, N.Y.

The Solution: "We say to them, 'How long has it been since you had a mole checked? I'm seeing something back here that I think you should get looked at," says Lavigne.

"Being tactful is key," adds Felicia Brown, author of "Free & Easy Ways to Promote Your Massage, Spa & Wellness Business," business and marketing coach for Spalutions and owner of Spalutions Massage. "We would also be specific, and use verbiage such as, 'I'm noticing the color is uneven', or 'It's larger than other moles on your skin', so that they can better tell their doctor what is going on."

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