Sticky Situation: The Hard-Sell Turn-Off

How to handle a pushy staff member

The Situation: "During my facial, I mentioned that I often have a hard time getting rid of brown spots," recalls an anonymous spa-goer. "The esthetician suggested a product to which I replied, 'I'm already using it and it's not working.' Despite this conversation, the esthetician suggested this product to me three times during my treatment and each time I insisted, 'I am using it. It's not working.' By the third time she mentioned the product, I was livid. She wasn't even listening to me and just kept pushing and pushing this item."

The Solution: "I was not happy, so I tipped less than my usual 20% and informed the front desk about my experience," says the spa-goer. "They listened to me, accepted what I said, apologized, and promised they would speak to her. They also made a note in my client file to prevent me from being treated by that esthetician again. Because they handled it perfectly and followed through on their promises, I continue to go to this spa."

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