Sticky Situation: The Über-Connected Client

What do you do when clients can't seem to part with their cell phones?

The Situation: "We have clients who just can't relax and disconnect, and we sometimes find them on their cell phones," says Julie Puccio, owner of Bella Nova Day Spa and Salon in Houston.

The Solution: "We keep it light and playfully explain to clients, 'This is a relaxation zone and I demand that you relax and put that phone away,'" explains Puccio. "It's hard to offend someone when you do it in a humorous way. We also have a sign that says "No Cell Phone Use" and we communicate that message on our our website as well. However, some people still need to be reminded, and you need to ensure that all of your clients are able to relax in peace. Don't ever command them to put the phone away, just gently remind them that they are paying good money to come to your facility to relax, and disconnecting will better help them do so."

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