Spotlight: Acne Care

Spa pros sound off on the best ways to beat blemishes.

What does your spa offer in the way of treatments for teen and/or adult acne?

Melanie Mueller, owner of Scents of Serenity Organic Spa in Glen Allen, Virginia: Our Advanced Acne Treatment (60 min./$185) features ingredients that reduce breakouts without stripping the skin, as well as an LED Light Therapy system, which uses blue light to destroy bacteria associated with acne and red light to calm inflamed skin. For adult acne, we incorporate hydrating products into the facials too.

Marie Monet, owner of Marie Monet European Skincare & Medical Spa in La Mesa, California:
My Acne Facial (90 min./$100-$175) is customized to the severity of the acne. Depending on the condition of the skin, I'll add microdermabrasion. Overall, my focus is on getting skin and pores completely clean. When treating teens, I opt for more gentle ingredients and treatments and I skip the deep-pore cleansing, as it can be uncomfortable. Young clients prefer services to be quick, easy and painless. I find that adults are more open to enduring some discomfort for the sake of their skin.

Stacy Cox, owner of Pampered People in Studio City, California:
My approach is tailored to each person. The psychology with adult versus teen acne is totally different, even though both can be caused by hormonal imbalances. I offer three acne treatments. One is a Mini Acne Facial (30 min./$45), which involves a cleanse, steam and mask - there's no real pampering. The second is a series of five 45-minute treatments ($65 each) to target and address the root of acne. The third is a full pampering treatment (70 min./$115), which includes add-ons such as a neck and shoulder massage. However, if the acne is severe, there's only so much a facial can do. I have no problem recommending a dermatologist to clients, and I encourage them to come back once the acne is at a more manageable level.

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