What are the best ways to market light therapy to clients? (Part 1 of 3)

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Dolores De Alba, co-owner Blush Day Spa in Sonoma, California: We market our LED light therapy treatment as a component in two of our promotional packages, one that includes 10 60-minute facials that incorporate light therapy ($1,750), and one that includes two, complete 90-minute light therapy facials, eight of our signature spa treatments and a customized product package worth $150 ($2,350).

Kimberly Schoene, owner of Hey Beautiful Salon and Spa in Portland, Oregon: We offer our LED light therapy treatment as an add-on to our facials or as a 20-minute, à la carte item. We’ve used online media outlets to spread the word. For instance, we’ve filmed testimonials of clients trying the light therapy service for the first time and demonstrated the results of continuous treatment. We then post the videos on our YouTube and Facebook pages.

Janice Otis, owner of Skin Care by Janice Otis: I market it as a series of 7 to 10 stand-alone treatments or as an add-on to facials. Sometimes I’ll throw it into a service at no added charge so clients can get a taste of the results from this type of specialized skin care. After they see the benefits firsthand, we’ll typically discuss starting a series of treatments or incorporating light therapy into their regular facials.

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