Spa Management: Increase Retail Sales with Product Knowledge

Want to increase retail sales? Geneva Cowen, Artistic Director for Sam Villa, offers this tip to help beauty professionals get products flying off the shelves: He suggests keeping product knowledge sharp and sales pitches short by focusing on features and benefits.

“Sometimes it's hard to keep up with product knowledge. I've had situations where a new product has come in and I’ve used it on a guest without being fully prepared to talk about it, which does not bode well for any professional. So, in an effort to polish my product knowledge and increase retail sales, I now read the features and benefits and share with my guests during finishing,” says Cowen.

Most, if not all, companies send features and benefits with new products. If the information doesn't come in the order, it can usually be found online. Most guests are not interested in the molecular weight or the reconstructing technology, they just need to know what the product does and how to use it.

Keep it simple - focus on one product a week that has universal appeal and memorize 3-5 features to share with guests.

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