Spa Management: The Art of Relaxation

The National Sleep Foundation shares eight great tips to make your spa a relaxing environment

When people need an escape from the stress of everyday life, they retreat to the spa! In today’s increasingly plugged-in, go-go-go environment, it can be more difficult than ever to help your clients relax, unwind, and truly take advantage of all that your spa has to offer.

And what is possibly more relaxing than sleep? We asked the National Sleep Foundation, currently hosting Sleep Awareness Week, to weigh in on ways that you can help your clients take full advantage of the third of their lives that are spent sleeping. Too often, we preach to our clients the importance of diet or exercise, but often forget to mention that very basic necessity—sleep—and its wonderfully restorative properties.

Set the stage for your clients to leave the spa relaxed, restored, and ready for a good night’s rest with these eight great tips, courtesy of the National Sleep Foundation.

1. Dim the lights. This will help regulate your clients’ body clock so they will know it is time to relax.
2. Provide proper snacks. A small, protein-rich snack like almonds or a relaxing beverage such as chamomile tea can inspire clients to feel comfortable and relaxed before their treatments.
3. Keep it cool. A temperature around 67 degrees will allow guests to feel warm and cozy under a spa blanket, but not overheated. If your spa offers a steam room or sauna, we’d suggest inviting clients to utilize these facilities before a treatment. As the body cools, clients will feel sleepier and more relaxed.
4. Ask clients to turn off their electronic devices before entering the spa’s relaxation areas and treatment rooms. Not only can electronics prevent your client from relaxing, but they could also impact other customers’ experiences. The light emitted from electronic devices is also known to stimulate the brain, making it more difficult for clients to unwind and truly enjoy the treatment.
5. Consider a sound conditioner or calming music. This will help drown out any outdoor noise so your clients can focus on their treatments.
6. Create the perfect spa “bed”. Any pillows and blankets should be soft, clean and comfortable.
7. Follow your nose. Scents like lavender and sandalwood have a calming effect. If possible, let your clients choose a scent that is soothing to them. In fact, if your client is jet-lagged or needs a pick-me-up during a morning treatment, they may even prefer a more refreshing scent like citrus or mint. Everyone has different personal preferences.
8. Suggest that your clients to take the “spa experience” home with them. The National Sleep Foundation offers a number of tips to help clients create a relaxing bedroom environment. Encourage your clients to continue to relax and unwind long after they leave the spa. Suggest a warm bath, a soothing bedtime routine with a good book, long walk or meditation to transform a spa service into a full spa day—and night!

After all, a relaxed client is a happy client.

The National Sleep Foundation's mission is to improve health and well-being through sleep education and advocacy. To learn about healthy sleep tips and more, visit The National Sleep Foundation is the creator of Sleep Awareness Week, running through March 9, 2014.