Spa Hopping: The Joys of Joya

In a desert filled with luxurious spas, a Moroccan-themed respite stands out.
Courtesy of Joya Spa

With its stark, red-hued mountain range shaped like a three-humped camel’s back, forests of saguaro cacti that stand like centuries-old welcoming committees, and giant red boulders stacked like gifts on the hillsides, Scottsdale, Arizona has an almost otherworldly landscape. Combine all of that with blazing, sky-consuming sunsets, and a trip here leaves visitors truly in awe of Mother Nature.

So it makes perfect sense that more than 20 noteworthy resorts have established spas in the area. Thus, when the creative and business forces behind the Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia decided to construct the Moorish-style property, they aspired toward building something unusual and undeniably special: a Moroccan-themed spa and salon that would transport guests to the country that inspired it. Although it took a significant amount of planning and labor, the decision to follow that path was a savvy one, establishing Joya as a requisite visit among spa aficionados, even in Scottsdale’s saturated market of dazzling wellness properties.

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