Playing to Win

Top spas around the country are scoring big with specialty sports therapies.

St. Simon’s Island, Georgia, is a sportsman’s paradise, with top-notch tennis, squash, golf and yachting, plus recovery treatments to match at the Spa at Sea Island and its Performance Therapy Center. The sports therapy menu includes intensive, three-minute whole-body Cold Rush cryotherapy sessions ($70; $120 with 30-min. massage; complimentary with 90-min. massage)geared toward increasing flexibility and reducing recovery time.

Clients stand upright in a subzero chamber, where extreme cold activates the central nervous system and releases pain-inhibiting endorphins. Circulation is stimulated, which decreases inflammation by clearing out toxins and metabolic waste. “This treatment is great because it loosens up the body and prevents soreness,” attests resident golf pro Davis Love III. Spa director Ella Stimpson describes how the deep-freeze unit generates repeat customers. “Clients are so energized they’re eager to do it again,” she says, noting that the treatment appeals especially to sports- playing male guests. “They feel better before the game and recover more quickly afterward. It adds an edge to their performance—and coupled with a massage, it’s super effective.”

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[Image by Scott Campbell]