Plant a 'Tree Pose' for Earth Day to Raise Awareness about Deforestation

Earth Day Movement inspires others to "Plant a Tree Pose" for more trees around the world.
Image courtesy of Brickman Marketing

A unique Earth Day Movement is underway to increase awareness about deforestation and to raise money for planting trees worldwide. Participants register for the Movement at where they donate $1 to one of three internationally respected tree-planting nonprofits of their choice and upload a picture of themselves doing a Tree Pose (yoga pose). Their pictures will be used to create a giant Photomosaic of a towering tree by world-renowned artist, Robert Silvers, and this Photomosaic will be revealed as a special art exhibit in New York City on World Environment Day, June 5th, 2015.

Fitness expert, Annette Cain created the Plant a Tree Pose Movement out of her passion for inspiring others to care for their bodies and the earth. Her love of nature and background as an endurance athlete and lifestyle coach is the perfect mix for her mission to lead physical movements for a better world. Annette says she is following Gandhi's advice to "be the change" she wants to see in the world and for this movement it is, "More trees, please!"

In order to accomplish this change, Annette has partnered with three internationally known tree-planting nonprofits--Trees for the Future, Project GreenHands, and the Earth Day Network's Canopy Project. These nonprofits have made great strides not just in planting trees where they are needed most, but also by teaching and training the local people in developing countries to keep their land and forests sustainable.

According to Conservation International, "Every year, 15 million hectares of forest are cut, slashed and burned. That's more than 75,000 football fields every single day." In fact, the world's rain forests could completely vanish in 100 years at the current rate of deforestation (source: National Geographic). Annette believes it's not too late to turn this devastation around, but we need to act now!

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