Mother Nature’s Little Helpers

Paired with the right ingredients, plant-derived stem cells can work wonders for clients’ complexions.

Now that plant stem cells are popping up in an increasing number of facial products, the question remains: what is their functional role alongside other common skincare actives? When and why do formu- lators choose to include this botanically sourced, lab- synthesized ingredient in the mix?

Proponents of the use of plant stem cells say that conventional products already proven to be effective at nurturing healthy, young-looking skin become even more so with the addition of plant stem cells. Among stem cells’ many cited compatible partners: peptides; hyaluronic acid; vitamins A, E and C; growth factors; emollients; and antioxidants. “The combination of stem cells and other ingredients,” says Neal Kitchen, PhD, vice president of strategy and development at HydroPeptide, “helps to deliver signals to the cell with the botanical nutrients required to generate a positive response to the skin.”
If your spa is taking advantage of stem cells’ poten- tial power by using and retailing products that include them, it’s time to get educated about which stem cell formulas are likely to pack the most powerful punch.

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