Marketing Savvy: Home Advantage

Want to cash in on high-priced at-home spa services? Read on before you hit the road!
Image: Getty Images

Spa owners are constantly looking for new ways to get guests into their facilities, but now, a number of them are benefitting from a new clientele-increasing revenue stream: house calls. There’s a growing demand for in-home spa services these days, for reasons that vary from the desire for privacy to convenience to sheer logistics. One thing these clients all have in common, however: they’re prepared to pay a premium.

But before you start packing up massage tables and supply trunks — and sending your spa’s therapists out on calls — make sure you’re well versed on the particulars of the door-to-door service.

Know your home client. Just as there’s no such thing as a typical spa client, there’s no typical at-home spa client. People who request these services run the gamut from post-surgery patients and seniors with mobility issues, to brides-to-be or gal pals seeking in-home pampering in groups, to high-profile figures preparing for public appearances. However, when asked why they book them, many at-home appointment clients cite the same reasons: time, convenience and privacy.

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