Marketing Savvy: Goodwill Abassadors

Help employees understand their value as business emissaries and watch your client base grow.
Image: Getty Images

Open house events, online advertising campaigns and social media marketing are all popular ways to attract new spa clients. However, there’s another, less obvious (but equally effective) way to promote your business every day, at no extra cost to you: via your employees.

Whether through networking or chance encounters, your employees may be your spa’s first point of contact with members of your community. They are, therefore, extensions of your promotional efforts and can contribute to your business growth even when away from the spa. This is why, when hiring, you should consider not only the candidates’ tangible skills, but also their talents for recruiting and driving growth. This also highlights the importance of staff orientation and training.

The following are strategies that can be utilized by owners and managers to help staff members understand their roles in bolstering the spa’s image and encourage employees to drive new customers through the front door - whether or not those employees are on the premises at the time.

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