How do you market skin care to menopausal clients?

Spa owners sound off on how they help ease clients’ change-of-life challenges via skincare and wellness offerings.
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Denise Dubois, founder and owner of Complexions Spa for Beauty and Wellness in Albany, New York: We offer clients a Clinical Care Consultation for Age Management (we do not market it as a menopausal skincare program), in which clients fill out an extensive profile/questionnaire regarding their skincare concerns, goals, medications, etc. We utilize a flip chart that demonstrates the skin’s aging process, so that we are able to discuss the impact hormones play in this process.

Candace Badgett, co-owner and vice president of The Raj in Fairfield, Iowa: Consultations are so important, as every client responds differently to menopause. Symptoms are impacted by an individual’s predominant biological constitution, or ayurvedic dosha—vatta, pitta or kapha—and any imbalances that occur within that dosha. A client’s digestion, metabolism, mental health and lifestyle also factor into her specific menopausal transition.

Brenda Gilbert, owner of B*G* Makeovers Advanced Skin Care & Day Spa in Raymond, New Hampshire: I find that most clients don’t even realize that menopause is the culprit when their skin begins to act up. I never use the word ‘menopause’, but instead refer to it as a ‘hormonal change’ when clients tell me about their skincare concerns and issues via our intake form.

What treatments do you recommend to menopausal clients?
Dubois: Since clients often lose elasticity during menopause, I recommend chemical exfoliation to control oil production, stimulate collagen, and brighten and improve skin tone. Dermaplaning is also an excellent way to remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells, improving upon the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helping active ingredients to better penetrate. We also suggest a facial treatment incorporating microcurrent, for added muscle stimulation and tightening.

Gilbert: Gentle body treatments are ideal. I include a light, dry-brushing component to help stimulate menopausal clients’ blood flow, as well as a potent moisturizing agent, as skin becomes very dry and itchy during this period.

Badgett: We offer an in-residence Maharashi Rejuvenation Therapy program, which includes a customized series of cleansing therapies, herbalized oil massages, heating and/or cooling treatments, and a mild enema suited to clients’ individual needs.