Green Tip: Attention, Green Spas!

This new product ups the ante on sustainability.

Today’s eco-consumers are always looking for ways they can feel good about spending their money and, knowing this, modern innovators are responding to the demand. The latest trend? Products that literally live on after use. Consider, for instance, Sprout, a pencil that contains a seed capsule in its tip. It’s a perfectly serviceable pencil that, once it becomes too small to use, can be planted in a bit of soil and watered. The seed then germinates and grows into something lovely, green—and living.

Sprout pencils, which are available in basil, cilantro, dill, mint, rosemary, sage and thyme, have taken off in Europe with companies looking to provide motivation to employees and customers in a sustainable way. In the simplest way, it inspires and teaches us that there are more opportunities to support our planet than we realize. (And yes, it’s available in a private-label edition.)

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Hi, I like the article about

Hi, I like the article about your green tips. This reminds mean of recycling the products. Yes, its true that we must be aware of spending our money for good. I am sure that this will help our environment as well. I would like to share my opinion on this also, I think, that we need to shop and concentrate more on green and leave the plastics behind.