Five Expert Scenting Tips for Spas

Scent expert Farah Abassi delves into the world of scenting and how it can promote a spa's brand awareness.
Image courtesy of Farah Abassi

Our sense of smell is directly linked to emotion and memory, and has the ability to bring on powerful reactions. Aromachologist Farah Abassi shares five powerful scent-marketing strategies for spas to enhance the customer experience and increase profits.

1. Create a signature scent that not only evokes feelings of calmness and serenity but also incorporates some unique elements of the spa. For example, if the spa is very modern, some crisp notes of cucumber and white tea will be a great addition. If the spa has an Italian theme, bergamot is great or if the spa is in the Caribbean a soft hint of mango or coconut can be a great compliment.

2. Use an essential oil based scent so guests are also getting the health benefits of the essential oils. When diffusing the scent, make sure to use a cold air diffuser to preserve the therapeutic benefits of the oils.

3. Incorporate the signature scent into the cold towels and/or bathroom products such as shampoo, soap and body lotion to strengthen the scent memory.

4. Incorporate the signature scent into some retail products to generate additional revenues and allow guests can create the spa ambiance in their home.

5. Give guests a small take-home gift that incorporates the signature scent (a small fragrance rollerball, a sample linen spray, temple cream) as it will strengthen the emotional connection the guest has with the experience.