Feature: The State of Serums

Today's serums are more advanced, targeted and potent than ever before.
Image: Getty Images

Once a newfangled notion, serums have become de rigueur in the spa world. Boasting a high concentration of targeted active ingredients, these petitely packaged powerhouses aim to address a wide range of skincare concerns: eye-area crêpiness, hyperpigmentation, excess sebum and enlarged pores, to name a few. They serve a myriad of purposes for a range of skin types, drive effective ingredients deep into the complexion and have revolutionized the antiaging category.

Remarkable breakthroughs concerning the delivery of serums’ active ingredients have come about in
the last several years. “Most notably, we’re finding that nano-sized particles penetrate the skin better to more quickly work their magic,” says Kristin Hudacek, MD, a San Francisco-based dermatologist. “Today’s serums soak directly into skin, requiring but a few drops to deliver significant benefits,” adds Neal Kitchen, PhD, vice president of strategy and development at HydroPeptide. Across the board, skincare pros agree that serums are one of the most reparative products individuals can apply.

Read on in our August digital edition to learn exactly how these mini but mighty formulas can be utilized in your treatment rooms.