Feature: The Merits of Massage

Never before have massage clients' needs been so varied -- or massage therapists' talents so challenged.
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In a recent survey by the American Hospital Association, more than 80% of the 1,007 hospitals questioned reported offering massage therapy to their patients. This should come as no surprise: With all the new discoveries being made supporting the health benefits of touch, more people than ever are seeking massage therapy as a conduit to staying well. In fact, most bodywork specialists have noticed that their clientele is becoming more diverse in terms of age, body type, and physical and mental condition. Consequently, this has upped the ante in terms of what therapists need to know and be prepared to handle in their treatment rooms.

“We must be able to give our clients the benefits of all of our knowledge and skill so they can ultimately make the best decisions about their own well-being,” says Krista Flood, a state certified LMT at Meadowood Napa Valley in St. Helena, California.

Are today’s spas up to the task? We challenged three massage therapists with five hypothetical clients, asked what approaches they would take to help these clients and gathered their advice. Find out what they had to say in our July digital edition!