Becoming Cancer Aware

Spas can become havens for clients affected by cancer and cancer treatments with the help of an affordable new educational program.
Image courtesy of Wellness for Cancer

Over the years, DAYSPA has brought readers stories about spa owners who have stepped up to do extraordinary things for clients dealing with the effects of cancer. As inspiring as we've found these stories, however, we've also felt ourselves grappling with the question of "take away" -the desire to give our readers a roadmap for providing support to their spa clients who have experienced or are living with cancer.

That's why we're so pleased to share actionable information about Wellness for Cancer, an educational program under Spa4 The Pink, a registered 501©(3) organization. This non-profit body is taking its role in the industry seriously by offering affordable training programs and leading the Wellness for Cancer Global Wellness Institute (GWI) Initiative. As Susie Ellis, chairman and CEO of GWI, states, "If there is anything we should all get behind it is Wellness for Cancer."

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